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"Your place of greatest pain can, through Christ, become the place of your greatest victory."



"Life by the Spirit" is an online bootcamp designed to activate believers in the supernatural ministry modeled by the early church, such as healing the sick and casting out demons. It's especially designed for those who are currently struggling with a health issue or demonic oppression. It's important to note that such ministry can only flow from an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ; not from methods or principles. Therefore, the class is designed to lead you into deeper intimacy with the Lord. Miracles naturally flow from that place. 

If you are walking yourself through the class on your own, here are some guidelines:

  1. WATCH THE INTRO VIDEO FIRST. This is not your typical Bible Study and it is not for everyone. 

  2. WATCH THE VIDEOS IN ORDER. It can be dangerous to step into the spirit realm without the proper foundation. The class is designed to be experienced in a certain sequence. It's important that you master one concept before moving on to the next. (If you've already been to ministry school and have a mature understanding of the spirit realm, please feel free to jump around at your own discretion.)

  3. ACTIVATE THE TEACHINGS BEFORE MOVING AHEAD. Information, on its own, has very little power to change us. It's when we truly put these principles into practice that we begin to see transformation. We may grasp a concept intellectually, but that doesn't mean it's become part of our thinking and lifestyle. Discipline yourself to see this as a new way of living, not just some new information to learn. Even if it takes you a few weeks, stick with one teaching until you fully activate it, before moving ahead. You'll get as much out of the class as you put in. 


This is an honor system, but these guidelines are here for your safety. 

Think of this more as a bootcamp than an academic study. To do things we've never done before, we'll have to become someone we've never been before. This is a rigorous process and it is not for the faint of heart. Unlearning what the fallen natural world has taught us and learning to see our situation through the eyes of the Spirit may be one of the hardest things we ever do. But it will be worth it! The Word of God promises that "all things are possible to the one who believes." 


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