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"And in no way be alarmed or intimidated by your enemies, for such constancy & fearlessness on your part is a clear sign for them of their impending destruction, but for you of deliverance & salvation, and that from God."


—Philippians 1:28


As you embark on your journey to complete deliverance, you can expect that there will be some warfare and pushback. But there are things you can do to minimize the warfare and make sure you get safely through the attacks. If you know what to expect, you will spot it when it comes. And, don't be afraid! This was one of Jesus' most frequently repeated commands. You are guaranteed victory if you don't give up! 

One thing to remember anytime you are entering a season of warfare: Always start with repentance. Confess your sins to God and ask for forgiveness. Forgive those who have wronged you. If you go into warfare with doors wide open and explicit agreement with the enemy, he will take every legal right to attack you. 

Before going on this journey:

  • Get a prayer buddy, someone you can talk to about your process.

  • Set up an SOS system for letting your buddy know if you are under attack. 

  • Confess your sins to God and ask him for forgiveness.

  • Forgive others who have wronged you. 

  • Set aside time for self care and rest. Rearrange your schedule if needed. 

Types of attacks that can happen: 

  • Overwhelming discouragement

  • Feelings of accusation and offense toward the people ministering to you

  • Attempts by the enemy to bring division in your close relationships

  • Flareup of symptoms

  • Temptation to quit

Other things to be aware of: 

  • Don't start rebuking demons till you've taken time to repent

  • Don't ever try to rebuke principalities

  • Remember it usually gets worse right before the breakthrough


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