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"Personal transformation always transpires in the presence of God's glory."

—Jennifer Eivaz


“The measure of the worth of our public activity for God is the private profound communion we have with Him."—Oswald Chambers


Key takeaways from tonight:

  • We're not trying to achieve a goal or "get somewhere" when we spend time in worship. We're simply setting aside time to be with him.

  • We have access to God because when the Father looks at us, he sees Christ. Not cause of our own goodness. There's no way we can ever be "good enough" to approach him. We have access because of Jesus. 

  • There's nothing to "achieve" or "fulfill," because it's already fulfilled. We need to stop striving for something we already have.

  • We can easily turn our worship time into works/ legalism if we aren't staying focused on relationship.

  • Would you ever want someone to spend time with you because they felt like they had to?

  • Let's lay down our expectations of how God will show up. I think he wants to initiate that! Is there some kind of veil or distance between me and God? He wants to tear that down so there's deep trust and friendship. That's literally what he's after. That's the endgame. No amount of religious activity can ever replace that.

What do we do when there seems to be a block?​

  • Speak truth. What lies are operating?

  • Remove expectations. Free up space for God to show up as he chooses.

  • Instead of trying to feel connected, thank him that you already are! Feelings follow faith.

  • Surrender control.

  • Deal with the elephant in the room. Be real with him.

  • Remember he's excited to spend time with you!

  • Don't let guilt or shame stop you from coming "boldly before the throne of grace." It was never based on your works anyway.

  • Remember there's no point trying to "do ministry" outside of being in love with him. "Apart from me you can do nothing."

  • What kind of activity, if any, do you tend to use as a substitute for being personal with him? Are you avoiding making direct eye contact with him? 😶😁



  • Spend 30+ minutes in worship every morning before checking phone, texts, emails. 

  • Turn off all devices. 

  • Headphones help focus. 

  • If you want to bump it up a notch, fast.

  • What kind of Secret Place experience do you want to develop long term?

  • Begin to lay the foundation for worship habits that will last the rest of your life.


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