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"Melody’s Life by the Spirit class has been the single most life changing class I’ve ever taken. And I’m a lifelong learner who has gone through thousands of hours of content. I cannot recommend it enough.


This class isn't about learning new information. It's about establishing yourself in real intimacy with God. It's not for the faint of heart. Through Melody's teachings and guidance, I was baptized in the Spirit, uncovering deeper levels of intimacy with God that I didn’t even know were possible for me. I was healed from multiple debilitating chronic illnesses that I’ve suffered with for years and decades. I was delivered from demonic mental and physical oppression. And I learned how to break every generational curse on my bloodline.


While her class is free, transformation like this will cost you everything. Many things you've grown comfortable with will have to die along the way. Flesh will get crucified. Old ways of thinking will have to go. Relationships will get pruned and realigned. Long term habits will be done away with. As Dan Mohler says about following Christ, "It will cost you everything you were never made to be." If you're not prepared to lay it all at the foot of Christ, don't come. If you are, this is what I experienced in exchange:


I now walk in full life with Godly connections and ties, vibrant health, passionate and powerful purpose, my eye is single, my mind is clear, and my emotions, life-giving. This is the power of Jesus... and equipping people with clear, sound teaching and truth to live by. Nothing else can compare to living Life by the Spirit. I can say, 'I've counted the cost, and it's worth it.'"


The Life by the Spirit class contains so many valuable teachings. The most significant one, for me, is the teaching about the full meaning of salvation = Sozo (Greek) which means to save, heal, rescue from danger, deliver. The class also provides Biblical principles and tools on how to live in the fullness of salvation, totally free and totally healed. Once I understood this, it changed the course of my life and I began to relentlessly pursue all that is possible for the Christian believer! This class is transformative!


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