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"Picture this, you're one of the eleven. Jesus is at your side. At any moment you can reach out and touch him. You can ask him a question. He's there just guiding you with his eyes. And yet he said, 'It's gonna be better if I go, because I'll send the Holy Spirit.' Is your relationship with the Holy Spirit better than if Jesus were standing at your side? If its not better, then we're not utilizing what God provided for us by giving us the indwelling presence and power of the Holy Spirit that rests upon us."

—Bill Johnson


"We're in our 'stay in Jerusalem' moment for the class."—Dan


Guys, tonight was amazing. The Holy Spirit definitely took control. We won't be sticking with the regular routine moving forward, as we've decided to pause and press into intimacy with the Holy Spirit before moving forward in the class. I think it's so amazing that we're grasping this central truth: everything flows from intimacy with the Father. Isn't it crazy to think we could literally read 10 textbooks on deliverance, and still not be able to cast out a demon? Because all authority flows through intimacy, and the spirit realm knows the difference between a person who knows Jesus, and a person who knows information. 

What will it look like moving forward? I have no idea!!!  I'm gonna let your hunger drive the boat over the next few weeks. Isn't it crazy to think that we can have as much intimacy with God as we desire?? He is never the one holding back! 


In Acts 1, 120 believers stayed in the Upper Room for 10 days, praying and consecrating themselves until the Holy Spirit fell with FIRE. Are we in our Upper Room moment? What happens if we are all of one accord, crying out for his Spirit over the next few weeks?  

Where do we want to be in our relationship with Holy Spirit? Here's what ya'll shared...

Sensitive to his leading & voice, walking in all the gifts, I only do what I see the Father doing, total surrender, to fully die, freedom from flesh, a more quiet & bold faith, baptism of the HS, I want to be all in all the time, to prioritize God as #1, for him to possess me body, spirit, & soul, having full trust, no fear, no lingering unbelief, the oneness of John 17, unity & partnership, sense of family, tuned to the heartbeat of God, with him as the anthem of my life, anyone around me will feel a profound sense of peace & healing. 


How do we get there?

Having a more immediate way to be in touch with each other, like WhatsApp (who wants to head this up?).  More prayer together during class. More worship time together. Doing a corporate fast. Having an in-person retreat. Community aspect & unity is important to God. 


  • Ask God for the Baptism of the HS (we're happy to pray for you).

  • Make sure you've been water baptized first.

  • How will we as a group go deeper than ever with the Holy Spirit? You guys decide!



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