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"Trying to fit. Wanting people to like you. Worrying about what they think. Self-conscious, self-centered, self-focused, self-defending, self-driven, self-protected. Every one of us. And Jesus said, 'Hey, if you think you're gonna follow me there’s something you gotta do. Die to that lie. I never made you for that lie, I made you for my image. So die to you so I can put my spirit inside you, and you can follow me.' I’m telling you friend, if you get free from you..."


—Dan Mohler


"Now we got teachings out there that tell people to protect themselves from one another so they don’t get hurt anymore. You’re already a mess. That’s just a psychological defense mechanism that’s shallow & empty. He’s your defense. He changes everything about who you are and why you’re alive. He’s your rock & defense. You're not here to put a bubble around you so people can't hurt you. You’re here to die to yourself & get filled with him so you’re untouchable and all you can do is love.


I’m so free from you it's ridiculous. There’s nothing you can do about this. You can’t stop this, the train is rolling. There’s nothing you could ridicule, persecute, criticize, there's nothing you could 'facebook post' that would even have a remote threat against what you see in me. Why? Cause I know him. And he’s in me. And no matter what men say, I’m gonna lay on my bed tonight in the peace of heaven. I’m gonna hear his voice, his presence is gonna embrace me. We’re gonna wake up together no matter what anyone says. See, it’s too late to get me now. My life is hid in Christ."


—Dan Mohler

Guys, I want to be a good steward of the amazing testimonies we've already seen over the last couple months, and give God the glory he deserves. A few of you got baptized in the Holy Spirit & spoke in tongues. Marla had several supernatural realignment sessions with the Holy Spirit and went running for the first time in 5 years. Julia had an intense heat in her tummy as she repented from a past season of rebellion, and then starting to eat normal food again. Jaena had full victory over a demonic spirit that was causing vertigo. I was able to take a long walk last week and carry weight for the first time in years. Praise Jesus!! He is on the move you guys, and he desperately wants every single one of you healed! Again, he was willing to die for it! The Gospel is true.


Some of you are having intense flareups and demonic manifestations. Again, please take this as a good sign! The enemy is getting very uncomfortable and trying to intimidate you! He is bluffing, so don't fall for it. Jesus is more powerful than what you see happening in your body. He said the same power that resurrected him from the dead is at work in us who believe!


We are moving into the deliverance portion of the class next week, so we'll be learning how to cast out demons. I will be sending out a short video as prep: Also I HIGHLY recommend that you listen to the Dan Mohler sermons listed below. They might seem long, but embracing these radical principles will change your life forever, so it is well worth the investment of time!



  • Take stock of who you haven't forgiven, and who triggers you.

  • Have compassion on yourself; you probably went through something painful. 

  • Identify any lies that got planted in your subconscious through those painful experiences. Break off the lies and replace them with Truth.

  • Begin to pray for that person.

  • Take the stance that you are not a victim. What they did has no power over you now that Christ has come. You're here to love them and see a redemptive miracle in their life!

  • Make sure you don't stuff down or repress your feelings (this is very bad for your body), but rather begin to shift your perspective on the situation. Someone else's actions have no power to determine your worth. How they act says a lot about them and nothing about you. When you start to realize their actions have nothing to do with you, you'll be in a position to love them without offense. This doesn't happen by gritting your teeth, but by seeing through the eyes of the Spirit. Change your perspective, and feelings will follow.


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