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Hi guys! Here's how this works! 

I charge $10 for the design itself. You can download the image as a PNG file. Once you download it, you can order your shirt from or any other website. (I don't manufacture or ship the shirts, but it's super easy to order it yourself. Just upload the image and choose your shirt size.)

Choosing your design
For each design, I have a direct link to the exact shirt / hoodie / sweatshirt I ordered myself. You can order whatever type of shirt you want. Just pay attention to whether the image will show up well on the color you're choosing. 

Large quantities

If you're ordering large quantities of shirts for an event or group, I charge $3 X the number of shirts you'll be ordering. So if you're planning to order 20 shirts, you'll be paying me $60 for the design usage. 

Honor system

You'll notice below that you can easily download the image without paying anything; this is an honor system. Please make the payment and then download the image.

No refunds
I won't be able to answer questions or provide refunds. This page is just here for those who asked, but I can't dedicate any time to managing it. 




Once you see the image, click the download button in the top right corner. 

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You can choose whatever type of shirt you want, this is just my suggestion. 

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