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"In the natural realm, I am a victim. But I'm not limited to the natural realm any more."



Hi everyone! Wow, what a night. God is on the move. Charleen shared how a demon was cast out 3 weeks ago, and she was able to drive for the first time in 10 years, plus hang out with people for the first time in many years! She went hiking and felt better when she got home than when she left! Taima shared that things which typically would have triggered her had no effect at all. JESUS!! 


For activation over the next couple weeks, lets keep it simple. 

  • Keep taking note of what triggers you. A trigger is "a small device that releases a spring in order to set off a mechanism, especially in order to fire a gun." Or, "something that sets off a memory or flashback transporting the person back to the event of her/his original trauma." Triggers are SUPER helpful for figuring out where there are lies operating in your subconscious. If you don't have any triggers... don't look for them. 

  • When you notice a trigger, ask yourself "Why?" Why is this upsetting me? 

  • During the incident, what was the underlying message being communicated to you? And what does God actually say about you? 

  • Talk it out with someone if that helps. 


In the afterparty, we did a case study with Celestine. We fully walked through one of her triggers, found the root of it, and then brought TRUTH (revelation) to debunk the trigger. 


  1. Have compassion on yourself. What you're going through is hard. 

  2. Figure out the underlying lie being communicated to you by the incident. (For example: I'm not worth people's time, I'm not worthy of respect, No one will ever choose me, I don't have the support I need, I'm incompetent.)

  3. Is that true? Nope. 

  4. How does God see you? Come in agreement with God's truth about you. 

  5. You may notice your will is fighting to accept God's truth. Wrestle down the flesh and CHOOSE to surrender to God's truth. (Your circumstances may not agree, but how do we change our circumstances? By changing our beliefs.) 

  6. "Help!!" Ask God to change and heal you. Once you give him permission, he will do all the heavy lifting. A leopard can't change its spots, and you can't change your nature. God can. 

  7. Remember that you will never be able to control other people. Just accept the fact that if you want peace, you'll have to get it from someone who never changes and always loves you perfectly: Jesus.

  8. Remember that people who hurt you are usually operating from a place of deep brokenness themselves, and seeing through dark lenses. Why would you give that person the power to tell you who you are? 

Remember, Truth = Deliverance. 


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