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"Such then is the path that leads us out of the territory overshadowed by curses, into the territory that enjoys God's blessings. Its first requirement is unswerving faith based on the exchange that took place on the cross. Faith of this kind reckons God's promises as effective from the moment they are apprehended. We do not wait for confirmation from the senses. By prompt, unquestioning obedience and patient endurance, we move from our legal rights in Christ into the full experiential enjoyment of them. We meet all Satanic opposition with the sword of the Spirit:

the spoken Word of God."


—Derek Prince


Imagine a life where we lay our hands on the sick, and they recover. Where we regularly drive demons out of people. Where poison doesn't have any effect on us. Where there is no possibility of any lack. Where we don't fear death at all. That's a description of the covenant we're invited into. That's a description of true believers; the people who are one with Yahweh. 


Do you want it? There's no one pushing us here, not even God; it's truly however much we personally desire to step into. There certainly isn't any block on God's end.


When this class ends, where do you want to be in your intimacy with God? When this class ends, what condition would you like your physical body to be in? To what degree do you want to walk in the Spirit? What are you willing to surrender to step into it? Questions for all of us to ponder in the Secret Place. Excited to be on this journey with you guys! 


 ❤️🔥 Mel


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