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"I would turn my clocks to the wall, cause I didn't want to be distracted with time. Cause I was finally with him. And it was the biggest deal on the planet, that the God of the universe would meet with me in a room. The God of all creation, who was and is and is to come, was in the room with me, and he wanted to be. And once I got that, I just turned the clocks to the wall."

—Dan Mohler


Knowing your identity in Christ and pursuing intimacy with him is the foundation of everything moving forward!



  • Wake up each day & thank him you are worth the blood of Jesus. (Not an intellectual grasp; connect with him over it.)

  • Ask him, “How do you see me?”

  • Begin to take stock of old/ false identities.

  • Begin to envision a new identity of yourself (write if needed).


Ways to develop intimacy in your time with God:

  • Make it a romance

  • Set up dates with God

  • Practice gratitude regularly

  • Mix up your devotional time (walks, coffee shops, dancing, etc.)

  • Talk to him conversationally

  • Sing TO him, not about him

  • Put aside shame & condemnation; come boldly before the throne of grace

  • Approach him as a son or daughter, not a beggar


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