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"Ignorance, not the devil, is destroying your life. But rejoice:

The Spirit of Truth is giving you authority to take back what has been stolen." 

—Emerson Ferrell


Hi everyone, I'll send out a short video in a few days to answer your followup questions on generational curses. In a nutshell, generational curses are not that complicated or mystical. In the same way a demon can latch onto an individual's garbage, it can also latch onto a family's garbage, and perpetuate it from generation to generation. Habits and patterns can be passed on environmentally and genetically too - that's just science.


You can be the one to break that pattern by living right. Repent (turn away from it) on behalf of the family. It's as simple as that. You're not *guilty* for your ancestors' sins, but sometimes you are suffering under the consequences. You can take authority to cancel the fallout stemming from their sins, and command demonic forces to leave your family line.


For example, if you come from a long line of poverty, you can repent from the poverty mindset, begin to adopt an attitude of abundance, become industrious and fruitful, and step into a place of financial stability. We know generational curses are still operational because we are still suffering under the curse brought into the world by Adam & Eve. Also we can still clearly see patterns repeated in families today. The blood of Jesus can cancel it all if you turn away from the sin and thus squelch out the demonic activity.


Cancelling a generational curse happens the same way healing happens: by taking authority to appropriate what Jesus accomplished on the cross. For example: If you have in your genes the propensity for cancer, you can get that healed so you don't pass it on.


Is it Biblical to repent on behalf of your ancestors? We need to understand the degree to which God deals with us corporately: as a people, tribe, nation, family, or church. Understanding our corporate identity helps us understand why throughout the Old Testament, leaders and prophets repented on behalf of the whole nation, even if they personally hadn't sinned: Nehemiah 1:6, Jeremiah 14:20, Daniel 9:8, Leviticus 26:40. This worldview (of our corporate identity) can still be recognized in the New Testament. Jesus and the Apostles spoke to cities (Matt 11:21-24, Luke 10:13-15) and churches or corporate bodies of believers within whole regions (Rev 2&3) in regard to their actions and their sin. 


In a nutshell, you can be the one to take authority to command demonic activity to leave your family. You can say to God, "On behalf of my whole family, I'm sorry for the way our sins have grieved you. Please forgive us and wipe away every stain of that sin from my life my descendants."


Interestingly—we see these dynamics operating in ministry because oftentimes when a person has breakthrough in a certain area, their siblings or other family members will too.



  • Examine your family line for repeated patterns of sin & dysfunction & sickness. Sometimes it's obvious, like abuse or alcoholism or cancer. Other times it may not be obvious, like an attitude of poverty or a spirit of religion and legalism. You can be the one to break that pattern by living right.

  • Repent (turn away from it) on behalf of the family. Ask God to cover your whole family history in the blood of Jesus. Believe he did!

  • Don’t get overly curse-conscious. If there's still a pattern operating, identify it and slam it with the blood.

  • Spend some time in worship with “Our God Reigns.” Sing it over your situation. Can you identify where the manifest presence of God shows up in the building during that performance? That can happen in your own bedroom.


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