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"Ignorance, not the devil, is destroying your life. But rejoice:

The Spirit of Truth is giving you authority to take back what has been stolen." 

—Emerson Ferrell


I had a chance to look at the chat after the class, so I just wanted to touch on a couple questions and comments that I missed!


Someone mentioned the disciples were not necessarily living pure, but they were casting out demons. The question is not *whether* you can cast out demons when you are still dealing with sin; you can. You have the authority. It's more a matter of protecting yourself, because if the enemy sees you releasing the Kingdom of God, he will try to resist you and he will look for a legal right to do so. We don't need to be perfect to cast out demons, but it's advisable to keep clean hands and a pure heart, stay repentant and forgive everyone who offends you, and keep yourself constantly under the blood.


Someone asked if movies like Star Wars, etc. can be demonic, and does it just depend on whether you personally think it's demonic? Whether something is demonic or not depends on whether the origin was demonic: whether the creators were involved in the occult or false religions. If so, there will be a demonic "anointing" that the film or book carries. But also, yes, if you personally feel that the film isn't good for you to be watching (even a basic rom-com), then don't watch it. The Bible says, "Whatever is not of faith, is sin." Meaning if you think it's wrong to do it, it is for you. Vicki shared how at certain times in her life the Lord told her to stop watching a certain show because it specifically highlighted something she was trying to overcome.


How to activate this week:

  • Right now we are focusing on "cleaning up the garbage," so the rats will scatter. Get serious about asking the Lord to reveal any final areas where you need to “clean house.” Any lies, unforgiveness, unconfessed sin, compulsions, fear, anxiety - ask him to reveal it all. Many times demons will automatically leave as you get that stuff cleaned out. L



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