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“The contemporary Church has little understanding of the nature of worship, mainly because we do not discern the difference between the spirit and the soul. Worship is not entertainment. That belongs in the theater, not the church. It is through worship that we enjoy true spiritual union with Him. To be able to worship God in this way—first on earth, and then in heaven—is the goal of salvation. It is the highest and holiest activity of which a human being is capable. It is only possible, however, when the soul and the body come into submission to the spirit and in harmony with it. Such worship is often too profound for words. It becomes an intense and silent union with God.”

―Derek Prince


You guys, tonight was EPIC. I am seeing a tremendous shift in our gatherings. We saw multiple moves of the Spirit tonight, 2 demons left someone, and we had a powerful prophetic word from Bethany. Three people started speaking in tongues over the last few weeks! Not to mention incredible unity, excitement, and love... We are headed somewhere! 

Have you implemented a regular time of private worship yet? 

Have you started to practice speaking truth out loud over your situation? 


The word I received from the Lord for us this weekend was: 


Worship IS the breakthrough. We aren’t going anywhere without intimacy in the Secret Place. This is not a side issue; it's the main topic:

  • The only way to step into the supernatural in a healthy way is through intimacy with Jesus in secret. It's dangerous to move forward without this foundation. 

  • We are moving from the outer courts into the Most Holy Place.  

  • Push through in worship until you see him in his fiery glory. Push through until you touch that place of victorious joy! Fasting is a good way to amp up your spirit and push down the soul/ flesh. 

  • "Reach" but don't "strive." No condemnation. Make space and let him show up. 


Imagine trying to operate in the gifts outside of intimacy with Christ. If you have not yet implemented a regular time of private worship in the Secret Place, I want to recommend that you get that in place quickly. You don't want to go deeper into the spirit realm without it. The spirit realm cannot be tricked; it easily sees the reality of the intimacy we're carrying. 


We asked for the Holy Spirit to be poured out tonight and he answered us directly with a prophetic word from Bethany. Lets pray into it: 

"The fullness of his anointing is here. He’s poured it out on us and he wants us to walk in it."




From Marla - May 10, 2022

"So today I was like where can I add more focused worship to God, where I'm specifically praising Him for being Him through song. There has been a specific time period during the day where my energy has been consistently low, even to the point of can do nothing but sleep. I've tried pressing through it over and over. I've tried sleeping it off over and over. Either way I don't recover from it until the next day.

So awhile back I started to make that a time of resting in the secret place. When I first started to implement that, there was tremendous kickback. A bombardment of shame, guilt, condemnation. Ridiculous, I know. It has become one of my most consistent and powerful times of connection with God. So when I was looking for a place to add more worship, upgrading that time seemed like an obvious choice.

As I was thinking about that going into that time period, pain that can only be described as demonic came over me. I have a very high pain tolerance. It cones from years of practice. I've never experienced pain like this before. The timing and the extreme nature of the pain was too obvious. 

THIS MEANS WAR!!! In Jesus name, I'm gonna worship my God. Nothing can stop me. So I worshipped. A little at first, gaining momentum over time. And my God met me. And He carried me. And the pain left before we were done. And being with Him is the sweetest victory."

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