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"Your tongue holds the power of life and death." 

—Proverbs 18:21


Like I always say, it's not a method. The important thing is to change your thinking so that you begin to think like heaven. Declarations are one tool to help you do that. Declaring Scriptural truth daily helps you create new neural pathways and help your mind begin thinking in alignment with truth. Just don't get obsessed with declarations as a method or routine. The goal is to change your thinking and align it with truth. Again, this is one great tool we have for doing that.

I see daily declarations kind of like training wheels. The idea is to retrain yourself how to think and speak, until these types of truths come out of your mouth spontaneously. Does that make sense? A large percentage of our thoughts and words tend to be negative by default. We don't naturally just spend the day basking in God's love for us, right? Or reveling in the infinite value that we have in his eyes. Declarations help teach your mind the the right way right way to think and speak, until it becomes natural to you. 

Try reading the following truths out loud for at least one week. It will change your life! 


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