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"Forgiveness happens when the bigness of who you're becoming begins to swallow up the stupidness of it all."



Hi guys,


Everyone told me I needed to forgive, but no one ever told me how. They were quick to lead me through a forgiveness prayer but the sense of underlying bitterness and defensiveness was still there. 


It was the Holy Spirit himself who led me through true forgiveness.


The Holy Spirit didn't rush me through a 2-minute forgiveness prayer. First, he validated what I'd been through, and called it 'abuse.' He showed me the specific lies I'd believed about myself due to the abuse and word curses. He helped me break off those lies, and see myself through his eyes. He gave me several weeks to grieve and be angry. He said, "Let the anger up and out." He counseled me on how to navigate those relationships in the future. When all of this was done, for the first time in my life, I felt a sense of closure. Then, and only then, did the Holy Spirit say, 'It's time to forgive them.'




"We forgive all those who hurt us, robbed from us, those who killed our reputations. We forgive all those who came against us, in any which way. God, we will not avenge ourselves, we will not take the matter into our own hands. We will not seek our own recompense. Lord, we leave it to you, because you said in your word, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay.”

Those who hurt us, those people who were demon-inspired, influenced by the flesh. Those people cannot repay the heartache, cannot repay the tears, cannot repay the hurt and the wounds, they cannot make up for it. But you can, God. Oh, and you will when we wait upon you. Oh thank you Lord, that you are a God of justice. 

Lord, show mercy on our oppressors. Show mercy, and we sew mercy into the lives of those who wronged us. We don’t just ask you God to forgive them, but we ask you for your mercy. Oh Lord, we don’t wanna see the enemy come in like a flood against those who we once loved, who we once walked closely with, who we still love. We don’t wanna see the enemy come in and steal, kill, and destroy. We don't want an eye for an eye, God, we don’t want a tooth for a tooth, God. Lord, show mercy. Mercy triumphs over judgment. God we will not stand in the place of judge; you are the judge. We will not be tempted to judge another man. You are the judge, and you are our advocate. How can we lose? If God be for us, who can be against us?  

So we bless those who cursed us, those who despitefully used us, those who abandoned us, those who used us and abused us. We bless them, God. For blessing is the key that unlocks the justice. Blessing the enemy unlocks the justice."


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