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"We need to get a revelation that heaven is now, and the only thing preventing us from living in the supernatural is our unconverted mind."

—Emerson Ferrell


"I want to make it very clear that Satan is basically a defeated foe, and the only reason he is able to do anything is because of our own ignorance.


—Andrew Wommack

Hi everyone, 


Remember, "Deliverance is the fruit of a heart change." Don't get distracted by manifestations and endlessly rebuking the devil. Focus on asking the Lord to fully reveal what attitudes, lies, or beliefs you are embracing that legally give the enemy a place in your soul & body. Focus on bringing those things under submission to the Spirit of God & Truth. If you're getting caught in a battle with manifestations, something's wrong. 

Andrew Wommack says:

"We are in a battle, but the battle is not out there in heavenly places. Now, we are fighting demonic powers, yes. But the battle is right between your ears. Notice it says, 'Put on the whole armor of God that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.' The word wiles here means lies deception, cunning, craftiness. All of these words imply that Satan's only power is deception. Satan does not have actual power to be able to force anyone to do anything. Satan is an absolutely defeated foe. Satan's only power is deception, wiles, cunningness, and deception. 

You can trace this all the way back to Genesis. It says the serpent came against Eve, and the serpent was the most subtle animal on the face of the earth. Why didn't the devil take a mammoth or tiger or lion, or something to intimidate Eve? Why didn't he have a mammoth stick its foot on Eve's head and say, 'Why don't you eat of this fruit?' Well, Satan didn't do that. Cause he had no power to force Adam & Eve into anything. Instead he had to deceive them. 

And the way he started his deception was, 'Has God really said?' The truth of God is what allows us to resist the devil."


This is how the devil works. He has no authority of his own, so he gets you to agree with his lies, then he usurps your authority (words and thoughts) to make his tormenting lies a reality. Focus on submitting to God, and the devil will automatically flee. Just think about the fact that your will is more powerful than the devil!


Is it bad to rebuke the devil? Jesus himself rebuked demons. But you will never see Jesus arguing, getting frustrated, shouting, threatening, or dialoguing with demons. He didn't need to stoop to that; he knew who he was. When the devil attacked Jesus in the wilderness, Jesus responded with scripture, AKA TRUTH. It's about what you carry. Is your mind lined up with truth, and are you walking in intimacy with Jesus? Are you carrying an internal atmosphere of transcendent joy and love and life and purity? If so, the devil will leave with one single word. 


Jesus is our model, and he is our only model. It's not hard to cast out demons. The hard part is dismantling the parts of your thinking that give the devil power. But it is totally possible with the help of the Holy Spirit!


Submitting to God means surrendering the parts of your thinking and habits that are out of sync with love, joy, and peace..This is a picture of God's Kingdom, and the Kingdom of God is WITHIN YOU. Love you guys! It takes discipline, but focus on identifying what lies are operating in you. Get those in agreement with Truth!


❤️ Mel


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