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"Your internal reality will shape your health. That which is genuine in you will shape the nature of the world around you. This is a big deal. It’s what Jesus was instructing us about when he said the Kingdom of God is within you. The world inside you is bigger than the world outside of you. The realm of God’s dominion, if it rules in you, you are positioned to release that dominion to the world around you. If it's there in concept and idea, then you can talk to people about it. But the measure you live in is the measure you can impart. To the degree I am under the dominion of the Lord, to that measure I’ll be able to release the dominion of the Lord over infirmity, affliction, torment, sin. God is raising up a generation of people who will deal with the internal issues."

—Bill Johnson


"Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom.”—Luke 12:32

Reality check! Let's all take some time over the next couple weeks to get in touch with what level of supernatural healing and/or life in the Spirit that we're desiring to walk in. There's no right or wrong here. After several months together, I think we all have a healthy awareness of what this lifestyle will entail. Regular time in the Secret Place and other lifestyle changes will be needed. Regular attendance in the class is recommended for your safety, but you are accountable to yourself for discerning what level of covering you need, as well as what level of the Spirit you desire to walk in. You're welcome to keep attending on a superficial level (not activating the teachings), just be aware that an intellectual understanding is not the same as walking in the Spirit or having intimacy with Christ. From this point forward, I'll be catering the class to those that are hungry to walk in the Spirit. 


If you're still having doubts, questions, concerns, hesitations, or blocks — no worries! But now is the time to voice them. Next class, we'll set aside time for us to discuss those questions. After that, it's full speed ahead. 


If at any point you feel that this class is simply not for you at this time in your life, no worries! While we'd miss you like crazy, it's better to be real about what our goals are. I've tried to be super transparent about the kind of surrender that is required and the kind of resistance we may encounter moving forward. Stepping into the spirit realm is not a game. If we stay together, link arms, put on our armor, and take things seriously, I believe every single one of us can have the victory. I also believe that with the proper precautions we can totally circumvent many of the attacks that would try to come our way. Jesus said over and over, "DO NOT FEAR." He said, "I give you authority to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you." 


  1. When this class ends, where do you want to be in your intimacy with God? (Describe the relationship.)

  2. When this class ends, what condition would you like your physical body to be in? 

  3. If you could do anything and money/ health was no object, what would you want your life to look like 3 years from today? (May 23, 2025)

  4. To what degree do you desire to walk in the Spirit? For example, do you desire to: 

    • Receive words of knowledge / wisdom from the Spirit?

    • Speak in and/ or interpret tongues?

    • Prophesy? 

    • Lay hands on the sick and see them recover?

    • Discern spirits? 

    • Cast out demons?

    • Perform miracles (multiplication of food, etc.)

    • Evangelize / baptize new believers

    • Preach / teach

  5. What aspects of your current lifestyle, if any, would you have to change to step into this life? 

  6. On average, how much time per week do you spend in the Secret Place? (Talking, singing, communing directly with God in private, with zero distractions.)

  7. When you are lying on your deathbed, what do you hope will be the legacy you’ve left to the world?



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